From a humble beginning as a small company with big ambitions and a promise to deliver quality, today we have grown into a sizable business. We expertise in manufacturing of a wide range of promotional bags like the matty bags, non-woven bags, cotton bags, nylon bags, exhibition bags & jewellery pouches. In a span of just two decades, we have earned a well reputed name in the industry. Promotional bags are walking adverts for your brand, and therefore it is important to get it right. Our experience and unparalleled variety will help you make the right decision for your brand.

We have carved a niche for our self by focusing on delivering quality, offering customisations and a huge variety. We can easily guarantee that we are the market leaders in this category today. We have a varied clienteles ranging from the retail sector to exhibition and event organisers, corporate houses to SMEs and the likes. A branded bag is the most versatile and best promotional tool.

Our focus is on providing excellence, be it in our infrastructure or in our designs or in offering customized solutions, we ensure that we are not just a company that simply manufactures bags, but one that places its clients at the heart of everything we do.


“Creativity is thinking new things; Innovation is doing new things”
This line briefly summarizes our belief. And with this belief, we aim to constantly upgrade our offerings keeping in mind the latest trends and expectations of the clients


It is our motto to offer a huge range of products to meet the demands of every client – irrespective of nature and size of their business. We aim to be the one place for all promotional bag requirements and unique gifting solutions. We are always experimenting and constantly evolving our bags with newer fabrics, styles, exclusive varieties and assuring the topmost quality.

Nitin Gala, Director

Mr. Nitin Gala is a businessman par excellence and a thorough gentleman. He brings to table his vast experience and wisdom. Best known for maintaining an flawless standard of quality, he is rather innovative and continues to inspire our team. A visionary and an impeccable leader rightly sum up his personality.

Siddharth Gala, Director

Siddharth is the second generation in this family run business. Coming for a strong technical background, armed with rich knowledge, he infuses new blood to the business. He brings a fresh boost of energy to the company and is always up-to-date with the new innovations in the industry. Dynamic, suave and sharp, with a keen eye for numbers, Siddharth aims to take the business to the next level.

Nipa Gala, Director

Nipa Gala, joins the company in her role as an Executive Director. With her multi tasking skills, she juggles the roles of a business woman and home maker extremely well. She is the force behind innovation in designs and administration, ensuring a smooth running of the business. She forms a strong support for the family run business.

Befriending the environment with our range of eco friendly bags

In our attempt to move towards a greener environment, we are making bags that are environment friendly. Majority of our bags are made of unadulterated bio-degradable material, thus reducing the carbon foot print. More so, our bags are sturdy and robust therefore making re-use practical. We take pride in manufacturing one of its kind eco-friendly bags. Our products are non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. We strongly follow the 3 R’s, which stands for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.